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Workforce Management


Job Descriptions

Well-written job descriptions can help your organization not only be legally compliant but also run your business more effectively. A well written job description provides details of the primary functions of the job, the tasks to be performed, and what particular skills are needed to effectively perform the job. Having these clear descriptions supports any possible employee performance actions and gives your recruiters a clear picture of the company needs, making your recruiting process more efficient. We can work with you to create or update job descriptions within your organization to match your actual needs. We can either provide your managers with job description templates or work with your managers/supervisors to ensure that job descriptions are consistent and meeting organizational expectations.

Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are important as they provide a consistent set of policies and procedures that all employees are expected to follow. Handbooks should not only address legal requirements but should also include items that explain your culture, mission, vision and values. Reviewing employee handbooks on an annual basis is recommended. We can assist you in creating or reviewing your employee handbook to ensure they are legally compliant and meet best practices.

Performance Management

Performance management is personal to each organization and we can work with you to figure out the right process or system for you. Performance management allows companies to create and evaluate employee goals, provide employees with formal feedback, and allows for open discussions. Evaluations can provide an effective tool to the organization by giving employees goals that are aligned with your overall organizational goals. We can also help with aligning compensation incentives/rewards with your performance management system, which helps guard against discrimination claims.

Progressive Discipline

There are times when you need to deal with job-related behavior that does not meet your performance standards/expectations. Progressive discipline is important because it provides the employee with an understanding that there is a performance problem and an opportunity for improvement. With the ever-increasing cost of labor, retaining good employees is critical and progressive discipline can help turn around a once good employee that may have begun to falter. Handling employee discipline is an emotionally difficult and highly sensitive matter for your employees, your supervisors, and your HR teams. We have the ability to align with you to structure an effective progressive discipline process, train your staff on using that process, and even assist you with having those discussions with your employees. Our aim is to provide a system that works for your company and reduces the stress of these difficult situations for all involved.

Safety Rules and Procedures

Having safety rules and procedures within any organization is important and critical. We want to make sure that your employees know and follow all safety rules and procedures. We can assist you in creating, updating, and find training solutions for your organization. We want to help you make sure that your employees go home to their families each and every day.

Employee Corporate Communications

Being able to effectively communicate to your employees can be challenging within any organization.  Our HR professionals understand the importance of having an effective communication plan for different levels within an organization and we understand the impact those communications can have on employee morale and corporate culture. We can work with you to provide a regular communication plan for keeping your employees updated through “normal” business times, or provide recommendations for specific communication needs related to benefits, mergers/acquisitions, cost cutting initiatives, policy changes, compensation, or any other employee-related communication.