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Having a formalized recruiting process that managers can follow develops consistency in your recruiting process, aids you in attracting the right candidates, ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, all of which gives you a more efficient recruitment process. We can provide you with steps you can take to incorporate an effective recruiting and selection process and assist you with any affirmative action requirements you may have.


You've identified the candidate, they’ve accepted the position, and now it’s their first day of work. Do you have a well-defined process for what happens on that first day? We can help you develop checklists for documents that must be collected from the employee and important information you want to communicate to a new hire. Effective onboarding processes reduces employee ramp-up time and studies have shown that the quicker an organization integrates the new employee, the more engaged they become. An engaged employee is a productive and happy employee. We will take the time to talk to your HR team, your supervisors and managers, and not only ensure all proper new hire forms are current, but also help you create the right onboarding process for your company, including developing training programs and scripts to properly communicate your Company’s vision and your expectations for each employee.


You need a proper process in place for terminations, whether they are voluntary (resignation/retirement) or involuntary (firing/layoff), to avoid any legal issues. We can work with you to ensure that any termination you conduct reduces your potential liability. We can assist you with written documentation/warnings, termination checklists, economic layoff analysis/exposure risk, exit questionnaires, and release or severance agreements.

Leaves of Absences

When it comes to leaves of absences, employers are finding it challenging to navigate through all the options employees have available to them. New laws are emerging every day providing employees additional rights to leave, including paid sick leave, safe leave, family leave, and armed forces leave. Employers, depending on size, may have obligations under state, federal, and even local city/town laws to provide certain leaves of absences. Beyond the legal requirements, in a tight labor market, paid time off (PTO) policies are becoming a critical factor for new hires in making their decisions on what job offer they accept. We can help you navigate through various leave options and requirements and create a leave program that is compliant and best suits your organizational needs.


Employers have certain obligations when it comes to making accommodations to their workforce. Accommodations can be religious, physical, mental or emotional, academic or employment related. We can work with you to determine what accommodations may be appropriate for your employees and formalize a process that makes the accommodation fair and reasonable. Accommodations are not a "one size fits all" approach and employers will need to engage in the interactive process with the employee to find the best option. We can train your staff on how to properly conduct the interactive process, including providing checklists and forms, standard questions, and scripts for certain common situations. 


We understand the value that an ISO certification has for your organization. We can work with your quality team and/or HR team members to establish ISO-compliant HR procedures, including for job descriptions, onboarding, performance evaluation process, and training and development. We can also provide support during your ISO audit.